Recognizing that during this time groups are meeting online, we encourage you to find a way to connect to a group through the Zoom app, which is free for Google or Apple.

Below you can find regular and free Zoom meetings sponsored by Sober Grid, a FREE sobriety social app, also available through your app store.

Thrive Counseling strongly encourages finding ways to stay active in your recovery during this time, and will continue to provide IOP groups and individual counseling through the Zoom app. See our homepage to get connected!

Meetings sponsored by Sober Grid, a FREE sobriety social app:


NA is every day at 1pm EST

AA is every night at 9pm EST

Alternative Paths to Recovery (non 12-step)

is at 7:30 PM EST.


They are 3 separate links.


The link for the NA meeting is

and the meeting id is 823208344.

The link for the AA meeting is 

and the meeting id is 253 366 0083.

The link for the Alternative Paths to Recovery

(All Recovery Meetings)) is

and the meeting ID is 835 187 777