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Lost and Found: Navigating the Maze of Missing Things, People and Pieces

Author: Sarah Morgan


Meet Sarah Morgan, the compassionate office manager at Thrive Counseling. In today’s blog, Sarah opens up about her personal journey through loss and grief. With a heartfelt narrative, she shares the profound impact of these experiences on her life, offering insights and understanding that only someone who has walked this path could provide. Join Sarah as she delves into the lessons learned from facing these challenges and how they have shaped her approach to both life and her role at Thrive Counseling.

“Losing It”

Many times, people feel as though they are "losing it" or have "lost it." I've often had that exact thought myself: "I'm losing it." Throughout my life, I've lost many things—each with its unique significance. For example, when I was 13, I lost my rosary bracelet. You would have thought my world had ended! I was certain my mother would be furious. After a quiet prayer, I eventually found it and have never let it out of my sight since.

At 15, I lost my grandfather, and that truly felt like the end of my world. Grieving was like navigating through an entirely new dimension. Memories of him constantly filled my thoughts, reminding me of the blood we shared. It felt as though I lost not just him, but a part of myself. Time brought with it a darkness—depression, tinged with anxiety and a dash of perfectionism. My body seemed to turn against me, necessitating emergency surgery that shattered my idealistic dreams and confronted me with a harsh reality. This surgery raised the possibility of infertility—a devastating prospect for anyone. The barrage of shots, procedures, and medications that followed was overwhelming, and no one prepares you for the losses that might occur during such a journey. I suffered my first miscarriage, which sent me spiraling as if tumbling down an endless staircase, unable to stabilize my thoughts or emotions. Depression, like a cunning shadow, gradually took over my mind.

Over the next few years, I experienced a total of four miscarriages and underwent three more major surgeries. Depression, once a mere shadow, claimed a permanent residence in my psyche. The losses accumulated quickly. I wish I could say I saw it coming or noticed the gradual changes within me, but depression is deceitful. I was outmaneuvered. Over time, however, I learned to manage it and assumed control over it.

My life has been full of ups and downs—one of the toughest battles being the fight against losing hope. Contemplating an exit is a permanent solution to a temporary problem—a toxic thought that briefly crossed my mind. But I resisted, deciding instead to lose those thoughts like unclaimed baggage.

Loss manifests in myriad forms. You can lose material items, friends, jobs, family members, pets, or even aspects of yourself like your marriage, which I am sadly experiencing now. Loss can also mean losing your confidence, spark, laughter, and self-control. I am here to encourage you to persevere. Keep fighting. Take the time to gather your strength and seek help if needed. There are countless reliable resources available. Remember, your story is uniquely yours. You are not defined by your circumstances. And remember, what was once lost may be found, or you may lose it for good and discover something truly amazing.

Feeling lost in the twists and turns of life? Don't navigate this journey alone. Connect with Thrive Counseling today and find the support and guidance you need to rediscover your path. Reach out now and start your journey back to clarity and peace. Contact us today.

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