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A case manager at Thrive will assist you in coordinating the care you are receiving. They will empower you by connecting you with a variety of resources in the community. They will help you understand what services are available to you that you may not already be using, as well as ensure that you are receiving quality and efficient care to meet your mental health needs. A case manager will also conduct a thorough assessment in order to gain a better understanding of your needs. 

Clients receive treatment in individual and small group sessions for ongoing assessment of needs, assistance in managing basic needs and the development of daily living skills.

Case Management assists with coordination of services:
  • Finding community services

  • Outreach

  • Individual and family education and training

  • Education and employment opportunities

  • Linking a person who needs services with the agencies that provide them

  • Monitoring a person’s progress as he or she is receiving certain services

  • Advocating for a person to ensure that all needs are being met adequately

A case manager is an important part of a person’s recovery.

For instance, a case manager can provide various health options for a person to choose from. A case manager can facilitate communication between a client, his or her family members, care givers, and service providers. A case manager can also educate the client as well as a client’s family on topics such as medical insurance, benefits, and various options of care. Once a person is connected to the right services, a case manager can also assist that person with transitioning to the next level of care, when needed. And lastly, a case manage will help a person advocate for him or herself.

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